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In the early 1970s, the Society of Nuclear Medicine, the American College of Nuclear Physicians, and the American College of Nuclear Medicine were concerned about the important role of the Nuclear Medicine Scientist in the routine delivery of nuclear medicine and this promoted their review of the need for certifying of health care specialists in the field of Nuclear Medicine Science. Committees were established, and intensive study indicated that a certifying board for Nuclear Medicine Science should be established. In 1976, the three organizations agreed to cosponsor a board -- The American Board of Science in Nuclear Medicine (ABSNM). The ABSNM board was established to develop procedures and standards to examine candidates and issue certification to those individuals who satisfy the requirements established by the board.

The American Board of Science in Nuclear Medicine was incorporated on September 9, 1976. The Board of Directors of the ABSNM consists of 12 sponsored members. Current Board composition consists of two from the American College of Nuclear Medicine and two from the American College Nuclear Physicians (at least one of these two members must be a physician). Similarly, for eight members from the Society of Nuclear Medicine, at least one of the eight members must be a physician, and one from the Radiopharmaceutical Science Council, the Computer and Instrumentation Council, and the Therapy Council of the Society of Nuclear Medicine. Members of the ABSNM serve for a limited time. The Board submits to each organization a lists of nominees deemed by the Board to be qualified and competent who have a major interest and experience in nuclear medicine from which list the sponsoring organization shall select individuals to serve as members representing the sponsoring organization. Annually, the Board members elect President, Vice-President and Secretary/Treasure, each for a one year term.

The Board nominates a chairman for review of credentials of the applicants for candidacy to certifying examination. Also, the Board has appointed a chairman of the exam committee for general and subspecialty examinations. The function of the chairman is to develop appropriate examination questions. Each chairman has other members of the Board or other experts in the field to assist in the ongoing process of developing a pool of questions for the certifying examination. The certifying examination is conducted and graded by the Board members under the direction of the president. The examination results are presented to the Board by the secretary at the annual meeting or subsequent to the annual meeting. At the discretion of the president and/or the arising needs, the Board could meet in addition to the annual meeting. As of June 1994, the administrative services for the activities of the American Board of Science in Nuclear Medicine are provided through the Society of Nuclear Medicine.


The objectives and purposes of the American Board of Science in Nuclear Medicine include the following:

    1. To elevate the standards of graduate education in nuclear medical science. For the purposes of the Board, the practice of nuclear medical science is defined as dealing with diagnostic, therapeutic (exclusive of sealed radiation sources) and investigative uses of radionuclides.
    2. To establish and determine qualifications of voluntary candidates requesting examination for certification in nuclear medical sciences.
    3. To arrange, control, and conduct examinations to test the competence of the candidates for certification.
    4. To grant and issue certificates in nuclear medical science to applicants who have been found qualified by the Board. No certificates granted or issued by the Board shall confer or purport to confer upon any person any legal qualification, privilege, or license to practice nuclear medicine or any other specialty or branch of medicine, nor shall it purport to be used under, in pursuance of, or by virtue of any statutory governmental authority.
    5. To maintain a registry of holders of such certificates, and serve the medical and lay public by preparing and furnishing lists of practitioners who have been certified by the Board.
    6. In general, to encourage the study and improve the practice of nuclear medical science.

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