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SNM In The News

SNM In The News

SNM moves closer to name change
DOTmed Business News, February 14, 2012

FDG-PET/CT helps manage retinoblastoma cancer
Aunt Minnie, February 14, 2012

JNM: Two PET techniques aid breast cancer diagnosis
Molecular Imaging, February 7, 2012

PET after radiation therapy predicts NSCLC survival
February 3, 2012, Aunt Minnie

JNM: PET imaging of estrogen receptors is diagnostic for breast cancer
January 30, 2012, Molecular Imaging

Loophole in Senate bill may create nuclear risks
January 27, 2012, iWatchNews by the Center for Public Integrity

JNM: PET has predictive value for triple-negative breast cancer
January 6, 2012, Molecular Imaging

A decade of research proves PET effectively detects dementia
January 6, 2012, e! Science News

PET Tracer Captures Astrocytosis in Alzheimer's Patients
January 3, 2012, Diagnostic Imaging

PET Technique Could Capture Proliferation of Cancer Cells
December 27, 2011, Health Imaging

JNM: NanoPET/CT valuable in preclinical research
December 19, 2011, Molecular Imaging

Psychology of Pain: Fibromyalgia can no longer be called the 'invisible' syndrome
December 16, 2011

Why Dr. Manhattan's Skin Tone is Great For Drug Discovery
December 12, 2011, MedGadget

JNM: Imaging costs outpace cancer care costs, but PET plays small part
December 12, 2011, Health Imaging

More Radionuclide Therapy Is Better for Prostate Cancer Patients With Bone Metastases
November 19, 2011, Advance for Medical Imaging

SNM, Education and Research Foundation Announce New Fellowship
November 16, 2011, Imaging Economics

Image Gently, SNM launch guidelines campaign
November 16, 2011, AuntMinnie

SNM launches website for patients
October 25, 2011, Aunt Minnie

Radioactive iodine therapy can improve survival for thyroid cancer patients with bone tumors
October 18, 2011, EndocrineWeb

U.S. Still Vulnerable to Isotope Shortage
October/November 2011, RSNA News

JNM: 89Zr-7E11 for immuno-PET can monitor tumor therapy response
October 17, 2011, Molecular Imaging

Virtual Fly-through Bronchoscopy Promises High Diagnostic Accuracy
October 12, 2011, Imaging Economics

An interview with SNM president Dr. George Segall
October 7, 2011, Aunt Minnie

Nuclear Medicine Technology Week
October 3, 2011, Advance for Imaging and Radiation Oncology

Double Vision
October 1, 2011, ACR Bulletin

JNM: MRI Based Attenuation Correction for Whole Body PET/MRI is superior
September 21, 2011, Molecular Imaging

Peptide Therapy Reduces Tumor Size, Side Effects
September 21, 2011, Aunt Minnie

Brain Activity Clue to Alzheimers
September 14, 2011, Laboratory News Online

Coming soon, magic bullet to find tumors and destroy them
September 13, 2011, Yahoo News India

JNM: Planar/Radiopharma studies provide diagnostic, dose information
September 2, 2011, Molecular Imaging

SNM Names 2011-2013 Japanese Fellowship Winners
September 1, 2011, DOTmed News

Keeping Molecular Imaging Relevant in the Age of Comparative Effectiveness Research
September 1, 2011, DOTmed News

PET/CTs find of thrombosus in aneurysm alters cancer treatment
August 29, 2011, Aunt Minnie

Molecular Imaging has Role in Alzheimer's Disease Diagnosis, Treatment
August 24, 2011, Imaging Economics

JNM: New PET radiopharmaceutical may be safe for brain imaging
August 15, 2011, Health Imaging

JNM: Simultaneous PET/3D FOT is feasible
August 15, 2011, Health Imaging

JNM: Salvage Neoadjuvant radiochemotherapy does not change clinical course
August, 14, 2011, Molecular Imaging

PET Tracers May Help Predict Alzheimer's
August 8, 2011, MedPage Today

PET Score Tops Neurpsych Testing in Tracking Alzheimer's Progression
August 4, 2011, Diagnostic Imaging

Studies Show PET's Potential to Differentiate Dementia Types
August 3, 2011, Aunt Minnie

Efforts to Standardize Molecular Imaging Blossom as Industry Agencies Unite
August 1, 2011, Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News

For Third Year, JNM is Best Imaging Journal in the World
July 27, 2011, Imaging Economics

JNM: 3 minute hepatic blood perfusion scan in pigs shows promise
July 25, 2011, Molecular Imaging

MBI system eliminates shades of gray in breast imaging
July 25, 2011, RT Image

SNM and SNMTS Honor Outstanding Contributors
July 25, 2011, DOTmed News

Protocols Protect Pediatric Caregivers from I-131 Exposure
July 13, 2011, Aunt Minnie

Fetal Radiation Exposure Low in PET Studies
July 7, 2011, Health Imaging

PET/CT aids in treatment of neuroblastoma
June 30, 2011, Aunt Minnie

New tracer could enhance cancer tests
June 26, 2011, Brisbane Times

Surviving in a Tough Market
June 23, 2011, Diagnostic Imaging

4D PET/CT Could Produce Inaccurate Tumor Imaging Unless Patient's Respiratory Pattern Highly Stable
June 22, 2011, Medical Imaging International

JNM: Molecular Imaging Demands Redesign of Nuclear Medicine Education
June 13, 2011, Health Imaging

Novel radiopeptide appears to be "extraordinarily" effective
June 13, 2011, Medscape

Brain Scans to Spot Alzheimer's May be Available This Year
June 8, 2011, MSN Health

San Antonio Marks SNM Annual Meeting with "Nuclear and Molecular Imaging" Week
June 8, 2011, Imaging Economics

Molecular imaging finds link between obesity and low estrogen levels
June 8, 2011, Drug Development and Discovery

SNM: PET/CT alone good enough to diagnose pediatric sarcoma
June 8, 2011, Aunt Minnie

Marijuana linked to brain changes, but are they really harmful?
June 8, 2011, CBS News

Chronic Pot Smoking Affects Brain Chemistry, Scans Show
June 7, 2011, Yahoo! News

Diabetes Related Amputations Benefit from Combined Imagine
June 7, 2011, Medscape

George Segall Takes SNM 2011 Presidency
June 7, 2011, DOTMed News

MRI/PET Machines Hit Mainstream
June 7, 2011, Diagnostic Imaging

SNM: Hybrid PET/MRI study among top 5 research papers
June 7, 2011, Aunt Minnie

Brain scan can predict Alzheimer's disease a decade in advance
June 6, 2011, The Telegraph

SNM: Irregular breathing can affect 4D PET/CT accuracy
June 6, 2011, Molecular Imaging

Alzheimer's disease screening coming to a corner near you?
June 6, 2011, Los Angeles Times

JNM: PET scans could forecast TB treatment success
May 25, 2011, DOTmed Business News

PET Scans Predict Effectiveness of Treatment for Multidrug-Resistant TB in HIV Patients
May 24, 2011, Infection Control Today

Improving on PET: Adding a Blue Glow, Removing a Crystal
May 23, 2011, Diagnostic Imaging

Reacting to Reactor Shut Down
May 20, 2011, Advance for Imaging and Radiation Oncology

JNM: Myocardial flow reserve can predict short term CV events
May 16, 2011, Molecular Imaging Insight

Molecular Imaging's Promising Future
May 15, 2011, Advance for Imaging and Radiation Oncology

The Case for Maintaining Current Regulations on I-131 Therapy
May 12, 2011, Advance for Imaging and Radiation Oncology

Delayed I-131 Therapy can be Costly for Thyroid Patients
May 9, 2011, Aunt Minnie

Studies recommend maintaining current protocol for radioactive iodine treatment of thyroid cancer
May 9, 2011, Endocrine Web

SNM proposes name change
May 3, 2011, Aunt Minnie

SNM Clinical Trials Network: Progress Despite Growing Pains
April 25, 2011, Aunt Minnie

MBI is an effective adjunct to mammo for women with dense breasts: study
April 25, 2011, DOTmed News

Gamma Medica Touts Low-Dose MBI Study
April 22, 2011, Aunt Minnie

SNM Clinical Trials Network Validates 100th Scanner
April 20, 2011, Advance for Imaging and Radiation Oncology

Predicting Cardiovascular Events
April 15, 2011, Cardiovascular Business

Anti-tumor Agents can Result in Cardiac Injury in Cancer Patients
April 13, 2011, Imaging Economics

JNM: Cancer patients need cardiac review
April 8, 2011,

Running on Empty
April 6, 2011, ACR Bulletin

Nuclear Fact vs. Nuclear Fiction
April 4, 2011, Regina Leader Post

Portable gamma camera finds sentinel nodes in testicular cancer
April 4, 2011,

Debate About Risk
March 31, 2011, Windsor Star

Dominique Delbeke Named Editor-in-Chief of JNM
March 30, 2011, Imaging Economics

Bolus Named Editor-in-Chief for JNMT
March 30, 2011, Imaging Economics

JNM: Micro-SPECT/CT useful for drug analysis in brain disease
March 25, 2011,

Nuclear Debate should include hazards of sticking with fossil fuels
March, 21, 2011, The Vancouver Sun

What the Endocrine Society and Society of Nuclear Medicine Report on Iodine
March 20, 2011, Sacramento Examiner

Don't take iodine, expert groups advise
March 18, 2011, National Journal

SNM Names Two New Editors-in-Chief, JNM, JNMT
March 18, 2011, Health Imaging

NCCN and SNM Pool Expertise to Advance Oncology Imaging Research
March 16, 2011, Imaging Economics

Q&A: Nuke med expert differentiates between Japan crisis, U.S. initiatives
March, 15, 2011, Molecular Imaging Insight

Preclinical Imaging Goes to Fashion Week
March, 15, 2011, Molecular Imaging Insight

Advancing Oncology Imaging Research
March 10, 2011, Medical News Today

JNM: Dedicated cardiac SPECT comes of age
March 10, 2011, Health Imaging

Improving on PET: Adding a Blue Glow, Removing a Crystal
March 9, 2011, Diagnostic Imaging

SNM, NCCN launch oncology clinical trials collaboration
March 8, 2011, Molecular Imaging

Time-of-flight PET scans improve cancer detection
March 2, 2011,

JNM: Predictive role of PET for cancer treatment affirmed
February 27, 2011, Molecular Imaging

JNM: 18F-FDG PET standards daunting…but doable
February 14, 2011, Cardiovascular Business

JNM: PET could help elucidate gastrointestinal drug absorption
February 14, 2011, Molecular Imaging

Medical Isotopes Production Act aims to eliminate imaging delays
February 14, 2011, DOTmed News

American Medical Isotopes Production Act of 2011 Introduced in Senate
February 12, 2011, Advance for Imaging and Radiation Oncology

SNM Lauds Mo-99 Production Bill
February 9, 2011, AuntMinnie

New Senate Bill Advocates for Domestic Isotope Production
February 8, 2011, Molecular Imaging

PET imaging may play a role in early evaluation of vandetanib response in thyroid cancer
February 1, 2011, The Medical News

JNM: PET protocols differ widely, stymie sound evidence & standards
February 1, 2011, Molecular Imaging Insight

JNM: PET/CT predicts head and neck cancer survival
January 27, 2011, Molecular Imaging News

PET imaging study on Alzheimer's disease hailed as 'landmark'
January 18, 2011, DOTMed News

JNM: Follow-up scintigraphy unnecessary in high-risk thyroid cancer
January 18, 2011, Health Imaging & IT News

New Plaque Tracer May Give Clues to Alzheimer's
January 18, 2011, MedPage Today

JNM: FDG-PET shows vascular inflammation in healthy people
January 4, 2011, Cardiovascular Business

Study: Pediatricians Use PET to Evaluate Epileptic Condition
January 3, 2011, Molecular Imaging

U.S. gets moly from low-grade uranium
December 8, 2010, DotMed News

JNMT: SPECT images useful for diagnosis of pulmonary hypertension
December 7, 2010, Cardiovascular Business

PET/CT Helps Predict, Detect Lung Cancer Recurrence After Radiofrequency Ablation
December 7, 2010, Imaging Technology News

JNM: PET/CT scan predicts recurrence after radiofrequency ablation
December 7, 2010, Health Imaging News

U.S. gets medical isotope made from low-grade uranium
December 6, 2010,

JNM: 68Ga-citrate PET/CT holds promise for evaluating bone infections
December 6, 2010, Health Imaging & IT

JNM: Low-dose FDG PET/CT enterography improves assessment in Crohn's
November 30, 2010, Health Imaging

SNM issues guidelines for sodium 18F-Fluoride PET/CT bone scans
November 21, 2010, Molecular Imaging

Blood by the Numbers
November 20, 2010, The Chronicle Herald

Calculations Can Help Estimate Blood Volume
November 15, 2010, New York Times

JNM: PET/CT + 18F-fluorocholine bests 18F-FDG for hepatocellular carcinoma detection
November 10, 2010, Molecular Imaging

Brain injury unfolds over months: study
November 2, 2010, The Sydney Morning Herald

Shedding New Light on the Brains of Patients with Alzheimer's
October 23, 2010, Advance

SNM approves pediatric radiation dose guidelines
October 13, 2010, DOTmed News

JNM: Rb-82 PET has low radiation exposure
October 12, 2010, Health Imaging News

Study updates dose estimates for rubidium-82 cardiac PET
October 8, 2010, AuntMinnie

JNM: FLT PET predicts early response in a cisplatin-resistant ovarian cancer
October 4, 2010, Health Imaging News

Lessons Learned from the Moly Shortage: Is the Crisis Over?
October 4, 2010, Molecular Imaging Insight

Molecular Imaging May Be Able to Predict Treatment Success in Some Cancers
October 1, 2010, RT Image

SNM sharpens focus on molecular imaging innovation and translation
October 1, 2010, FirstScience News

JNM: FDG PET shows aortic inflammation in COPD patients
September 29, 2010, Health Imaging & IT

FDG-PET predicts event-free survival in Hodgkin's lymphoma
September 7, 2010, Aunt Minnie

National labs fight cancer with medical isotopes
September 2, 2010, DOTMed News

JNM: PET/CT and SPECT/CT integral in cancer treatment planning
September 1, 2010, Health Imaging & IT

Canada's Chalk River Reactor Coming Back Online Will Not Solve Long-Term Isotope Shortage in Hospitals, Researchers Say
August 31, 2010, Science

Report: Molecular imaging device market to hit $6.6B by 2014
August 26, 2010, DOTMed News

HealthKey: Doctors concerned about supply of nuclear material used in diagnostic tests
August 21, 2010, The Baltimore Sun

Canadian nuclear reactor that makes isotopes for medical tests back online
August 17, 2010, Los Angeles Times

Canada nuclear reactor to resume isotope production
August 17, 2010, BBC

JNM: Combo nuc imaging could better identify ICD candidates
August 11, 2010, Health Imaging & IT

CMS changes restriction of 'only one' FDG PET scan for certain tumors
August 10, 2010, DOTmed News

JNM: Hybrid PET/MRI of intracranial tumors comparable to PET/CT
August 5, 2010, Health Imaging & IT

Novel radiotracer shines light on brains of Alzheimer's patients
August 2, 2010, The JHU Gazette

Feature: Nuc med community urges senator to lift 'hold' on isotope bill
July 26, 2010, Health Imaging & IT

Up and Running: Mo-99 production resumes, but long-term questions remain
July 19, 2010, RT Image

SNM honors outstanding contributors
July 19, 2010, Health Imaging & IT

Optical Imaging Promises Imaging at Faster Than the Speed of Light
July 16, 2010, Imaging Economics

JNM: PET/CT enterography assesses inflammation in Crohn's disease
July 13, 2010, Molecular Imaging Insight

JNM: PET/CT enterography assesses inflammation in Crohn's disease
July 13, 2010, Health Imaging & IT

NRU Reactor Not Enough, Says SNM
July 12, 2010, DOTMed

FDG-PET/CT may help quantify Crohn's disease severity
July 9, 2010, Aunt Minnie

SNM: Long-term Mo-99 problems remain
July 8, 2010, Aunt Minnie

CMS to correct PET overpayments
July 5, 2010, Aunt Minnie

Leading Thinkers, Researchers Gather at SNM 2010 Meeting
July 1, 2010, Imaging Economics

A Perfect Storm
June 2010 (print and online), Imaging Economics

F-18 NaF PET/CT helps detect source of patellofemoral knee pain
June 22, 2010, AuntMinnie

SNM's annual meeting reveals latest developments in molecular imaging
June 17, 2010, Health Imaging & IT

SNM: Dual-tracer SPECT/CT helps diagnose diabetic foot infections
June 16, 2010, Health Imaging & IT

JNM: NaF PET/CT feasible for imaging of atherosclerotic plaque
June 15, 2010, Health Imaging & IT

SNM chooses SPECT/CT fusion image as Image of the Year
June 15, 2010, Cardiovascular Business News

NM chooses SPECT/CT fusion image as Image of the Year
June 15, 2010, Cardiovascular Business

New imaging agent and motion freezing tool improve molecular images
June 14, 2010, DOTMed

Groups Ask CMS To Clarify Local Contractor Role In PET Coverage
June 14, 2010, The Gray Sheet (within Oncology Stat)

New imaging agent and motion freezing tool improve molecular images
June 14, 2010, DOTMed

Dose painting': Customizing radiation treatment
June 14, 2010, CNET

SNM: Studies cite advances in Alzheimer's, prostate cancer
June 14, 2010, Health Imaging & IT

Japanese study takes SNM Image of the Year
June 14, 2010, AuntMinnie

SNM past president calls for more aggressive solutions to moly shortage
June 11, 2010, Cardiovascular Business

SNM: Cyclotron production of Tc-99m could alleviate isotope shortage
June 10, 2010, Health Imaging & IT

SNM video profile: show overview
June 10, 2010, DOTMed

SNM: F18 agent with 'motion frozen' processing improves MPI
June 9, 2010, Health Imaging & IT

SNM: F18-PET agent performs better than SPECT for detecting CAD
June 9, 2010, Health Imaging & IT

SNM past president calls for more aggressive solutions to moly shortage
June 9, 2010, Health Imaging & IT

SNM: F18 agent with 'motion frozen' processing improves MPI
June 9, 2010, Cardiovascular Business

SNM past president calls for more aggressive solutions to moly shortage
June 9, 2010, CMIO

New tool may help ID acid reflux disease
June 9, 2010, CNN (Paging Dr. Gupta)

Molecular Imaging, CT Colonography Increase Patient Comfort
June 9, 2010, Advance for Imaging & Radiology Oncology

SNM: Radiomicrosphere therapy+SPECT/CT targets cancer treatments
June 8, 2010, CMIO

SNM Update: Medical cyclotrons could help relieve moly supply crunch
June 8, 2010, DOTMed

Novel agents and new tools chart molecular imaging's future
June 8, 2010, AuntMinnie

SNM: 1 year later, Mo-99 shortage 'a lot worse'
June 8, 2010, AuntMinnie

SNM Video: Latest Details on the Medical Isotope Shortage
June 8, 2010, DOTMed

Doctors 'very frustrated' by delays on Chalk River
June 8, 2010, CTV

SNM: Radiomicrosphere therapy+SPECT/CT targets cancer treatments
June 8, 2010, Health Imaging & IT

SNM: New radioisotope generator improves PET agent production
June 8, 2010, Cardiovascular Business News

SNM: New radioisotope generator improves PET agent production
June 8, 2010, Health Imaging & IT

Nuclear scientists slam Canada over isotopes
June 7, 2010, Toronto Star

UCLA Professor Receives 2010 Benedict Cassen Prize for Research in Nuclear Medicine
June 7, 2010, UCLA Health Systems

Muscle Tone May Play a Role in GERD
June 7, 2010, Yahoo! News (HealthDay)

Honour medical isotope promise: U.S. group
June 7, 2010, CBC

SNM: Prostate tumor ‘fingerprints' may drive personalized treatment
June 7, 2010, Health Imaging & IT

SNM meeting opens with call for effectiveness research
June 7, 2010, AuntMinnie

SNM: 'Scout scans' improve non-Hodgkin's lymphoma treatment
June 7, 2010, Health Imaging & IT

SNM: Building a bridge between optical imaging and nuclear imaging
June 7, 2010, Molecular Imaging Insight

SNM: Investigational biomarker helps predict breast cancer survival
June 7, 2010, Health Imaging & IT

SNM: Building a bridge between optical imaging and nuclear imaging
June 7, 2010, Health Imaging & IT

SNM: Oral blood-sugar controlling medications increase FDG bowel uptake
June 7, 2010, Health Imaging & IT

SNM: Langstrom receives nuclear pioneer award
June 6, 2010, Health Imaging & IT

SNM: PET directs radiation treatment planning in head and neck cancers
June 6, 2010, Health Imaging & IT

SNM: Mathis receives Aebersold award for imaging Alzheimer's disease
June 6, 2010, Health Imaging & IT

CT colonography screening: Wind on its back
June 3, 2010, Health Imaging & IT

JNM: Non-laxative PET/CTC might be particularly beneficial for elderly
June 3, 2010, Health Imaging & IT

SNM convenes annual meeting as challenges persist
June 3, 2010, AuntMinnie

Non-invasive colon tests may be coming
June 2, 2010, United Press International (UPI)

JNM Feature: FDG PET guided management reduces cardiac events
April 6, 2010, Cardiovascular Business

FDA, SNM, RSNA to meet about trials, regulations for PET drug manufacturing
April 5, 2010, Health Imaging

Below the Surface: Molecular Imaging and Therapy are Revolutionizing the Future of Medicine
April 5, 2010, RT Image

Bursting the Bubble: Contrast-enhanced ultrasound can detect cancer at the molecular level
April 5, 2010, RT Image

PET Makes a Case for Expanded Heart Failure Role
April 2, 2010, Med Page Today

FDA, SNM, RSNA Discuss Regulations for Clinical Trials, PET Drug Manufacturing
April 2, 2010, Imaging Technology News

PET-guided treatment reduces events in heart patients
April 2, 2010, Aunt Minnie

FDA, SNM, RSNA host workshop
April 2, 2010, Aunt Minnie

JNM: Costs for PET, PET/CT decreasing with increase in oncologic exams
March 30, 2010, Health Imaging

UPDATE: Outage At Canadian Medical-Isotope Plant Grows Longer
March 30, 2010, Dow Jones Newswire

Madison company seeks piece of isotope market
March 28, 2010, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Eli Lilly joins SNM initiative
March 26, 2010, Aunt Minnie

Medical Isotope Shortage Could Affect 20,000 Patients
March 25, 2010, DOTMed

Reports suggest isotope shortage is forcing some facilities to reschedule tests
March 23, 2010, The Canadian Press

SNM warns of 'significant disruptions' in Mo-99 supply
March 22, 2010, Aunt Minnie

Medical isotopes crunch expected to cancel diagnostic tests
March 22, 2010, Montreal Gazette

Severe radioactive isotope shortage looming: experts
March 19, 2010, CTV

Radioactive Isotope Scarcity Jeopardizes Treatment
March 19, 2010, Top News

Group warns of severe shortage of medical isotopes
March 18, 2010, Reuters

Isotope shortage puts patients at risk
March 18, 2010, CBC News

Reason for optimism even in latest Moly-99 supply challenge
March 12, 2010, Aunt Minnie

PET Imaging Shows Its Effectiveness: SNM takes on the challenges of developing the criteria for cost-effectiveness PET
March 3, 2010, Imaging Technology News

JNM: Ultrasound imaging with microbubbles detects cancer at the molecular level
March 1, 2010, Health Imaging

St. Louis company strikes deal with Poland for isotope that is crucial to medical tests
February 17, 2010, Los Angeles Times

Looming Isotope Crisis Has Clinicians Worried
February 16, 2010, Med Page Today

Reactor May Aid in Shortage of Isotope Used in Medicine
February 16, 2010, The New York Times

Medical isotope supplies dwindle
February 12, 2010, Nature News

Molecular Imaging Role Critical in Patients with Cognitive Disorders
February 9, 2010, Imaging Technology News

SNM summit advances molecular imaging
February 2, 2010, AuntMinnie

JNM: Pediatric PET imaging quality maintained by decreasing doses
February 1, 2010, Health Imaging & IT

New PET Biomarker Could Detect Malignant Breast Tumors
December 29, 2009, DOTMed

SNM Encourages Long-Term Solution on Physician Reimbursement Rates
December 28, 2009, Imaging Technology News

SNM Calls Congress' Passage of Fix for Sustainable Growth Rate a Short-Term Solution
December 23, 2009, DOTMed

SNM supports SGR rate fix
December 23, 2009, Aunt Minnie

JNM: FDG PET has role in post-treatment of oral squamous cell carcinoma
December 23, 2009, Health Imaging

Medical Isotope Supply Gets Another Squeeze as Dutch Reactor Goes Down for Repairs
December 18, 2009, DOTMed

PET Better Identifies Malignant Breast Tumors
December 17, 2009, Imaging Technology News

FDA's New Guidelines for PET Drugs Could Be Burden for Small Producers
December 16, 2009, DOTMed

The Missing Element: Why an aging Canadian nuclear reactor could keep U.S. patients from getting the care they need
December 11, 2009, Foreign Policy

Study Shows SPECT/CT Effective in Detecting Pulmonary Embolism
December 9, 2009, Diagnostics & Invasive Cardiology

Radiology 2010: Where we go from here
December 7, 2009, RT Image

Feature: Reimbursement for NaF-18 PET imaging moves forward
December 4, 2009, Health Imaging & IT

New $1.2-billion reactor needed for isotopes, Ottawa told
December 3, 2009, The Globe and Mail

SNM's Conjoint Mid-Winter Meetings Offer Four Scientific Meetings in One Location
December 1, 2009, Imaging Technology News

JNM: Molecular imaging effective for diagnosing pulmonary embolism
December 1, 2009, Health Imaging & IT

Nuclear Medicine Could Save Your Life ... and Fight Terrorism:
A radioactive isotope has doctors and politicians bristling on alert

November 30, 2009, AARP Bulletin

FDG-PET helps manage treatment for Crohn's disease
November 16, 2009, Aunt Minnie

CMS to Cover FDG-PET for Initial Staging of Cervical Cancer
November 13, 2009, Imaging Technology News

Noninvasive Tool Helps Optimize Treatment for Common Uterine Cancer
November 10, 2009, American Journal of Hematology and Oncology

Medical isotope bill breezes through house
November 6, 2009, Health Imaging

House passes medical isotopes bill
November 6, 2009, Science News

U.S. House approves bill to fund U.S. Mo-99 production
November 6, 2009, AuntMinnie

SNM applauds House action to build medical isotopes reactor in the U.S.
November 6, 2009, Modern HealthCare

Medical Isotope Bill Passes House, Moves to Senate
November 6, 2009, DOT Med

PET Pinpoints Inflammation in Brains of Schizophrenics, Migraines
October 30, 2009, Imaging Technology News

JNM: PET pinpoints brain inflammation in schizophrenics, migraine sufferers
October 30, 2009, Molecular Imaging Insight

11C-choline prostate cancer imaging awaits next-generation technology
Molecular Imaging Insight, October 29, 2009

Breath-hold PET/CT improves lung image quality
Molecular Imaging Insight, October 29, 2009

Nuclear Medicine Update: "Moly" Bill Passes House Committee and EANM Annual Congress a Big Splash
October 23, 2009, DOTMed

Senators to Vote on Whether to Stop Medicare Funding Cuts to Doctors
October 19, 2009, DOTMed

Will a Shortage of Nuclear Isotopes Mean Less Effective Medical Tests?
October 14, 2009, Popular Science

JNM: FDG uptake may predict subsequent vascular events
October 14, 2009, Health Imaging

FDG-PET uptake helps predict vascular events in cancer patients
October 9, 2009, Aunt Minnie

PET Scans Distinquish High and Low-Risk Uterine Tumors
October 7, 2009, DOTMed

Study Estimates Radiation Dose, Cancer Risk
October 2, 2009, RT Image

JNM: Combined tracers aid PET imaging for endometrial carcinoma
October 1, 2009, Health Imaging

Pediatric low-dose PET/CT protocols cut radiation dose in half
October 1, 2009, Aunt Minnie

Surviving the Moly Crisis: Investing in Alternatives
September 2009, Molecular Imaging Insight

Cardiac PET Adoption Gets a Boost
September 2009, Imaging Technology News

Deperately Seeking Moly
September 26, 2009, Science News

Breast PET/CT prototype shows prognostic promise
September 24, 2009, Health Imaging

Watching for Relapse: PET/CT scans detect recurring prostate cancer early
September 21, 2009, RT Image

Radiology leaders act cautiously to Obama's healthcare plans
September 10, 2009, Diagnostic Imaging

Radioactive Patch Could Be Option for Skin Malignancies
September 10, 2009, Oncology Nursing News

Worldwide isotope shortage poses challenge
September 9, 2009, United Press International

SNM: Nuclear medicine tests being postponed
September 9, 2009, AuntMinnie

PET/CT Identifies Recurrence of Prostate Cancer Earlier
September 8, 2009, Imaging Technology News

25 Most Influential In Radiology
September 7, 2009, RT Image

Most Notables and Ones to Watch
September 7, 2009, RT Image

JNM: SPECT/CT misregistration of cardiac perfusion greatly affects image quality
September 4, 2009, Health Imaging

Scans detect recurring prostate cancer
September 4, 2009, Times of the Internet (United Press International pick-up)

PET/CT scans may help detect recurring prostate cancer earlier
September 2, 2009, DOTMed

California researchers create new breast PET/CT system
September 1, 2009, AuntMinnie

Feds won't cover PET scans during isotope crisis
August 17, 2009, Science News

Isotope crisis threatens medical care
August 14, 2009, Science News

Nuclear Isotope Shortage Hurting Health Care
August 14, 2009, National Public Radio

How Canada Let the World Down
August 14, 2009, The Globe and Mail

Medical isotope shortage threatens treatments
August 14, 2009, Oakland Tribune (Associated Press pick-up)

Medical isotope shortage threatens treatments
August 14, 2009, Seattle Post-Intelligencer (Associated Press pick-up)

Isotope shortage delaying cancer and heart tests
August 12, 2009, Philadelphia Inquirer

Isotope shortage threatens U.S. hospitals
August 12, 2009, Chicago Tribune (Los Angeles Times pick-up)

Shutdown of nuclear reactors a risk to cancer and heart disease patients
August 10, 2009, Scientific American

JNM: FDG-PET better than CT for staging colorectal liver metastases
August 9, 2009, Molecular Imaging

Expert: Lack of isotopes a health risk
August 9, 2009, United Press International

Isotope shortage means a healthcare crisis
August 9, 2009, Los Angeles Times

Cost Effectiveness of Medical Imaging
August 2009, The Lancet Oncology

Managing the unmanageable
August 2009, The Lancet Oncology

Radioisotope shortage hits Sacramento-area patients in need of medical tests
August 2, 2009, The Sacramento Bee

Coalition urges Congress to act on Mo-99
July 29, 2009, AuntMinnie

SNM and Coalition of Professional Organizations Call for Action on Ongoing Medical Isotope Shortage
July 28, 2009, DOTMed News

Shortage of Medical Isotopes Causes Concern
July 28, 2009, Iowa Public Radio

House bill allots $163M to create medical isotopes in U.S.
July 27, 2009, Health Imaging

SNM Clinical Trials Network adds EU PET biomarker developers
July 27, 2009, Cardiovascular Business

MU aims to produce key medical isotope
July 26, 2009, Columbia Daily Tribune

Supplies of key medical isotope running low
July 24, 2009, Austin-American Statesman

Science News: Crucial radioisotope in short supply
July 24, 2009, United Press International

SNM extends trials network to Europe
July 23, 2009, AuntMinnie

Radioactive Drug for Tests Is in Short Supply
July 23, 2009, The New York Times

Shortage of Medical Isotopes Ramps Up After Reactor Closing
July 22, 2009, Wall Street Journal

PET Scans May Improve Accuracy of Dementia Diagnosis
July 21, 2009, Medimaging

Get ready for your own personal C-SPAN
July 21, 2009, The Hill

Images of SNM 2009, June 13-17, Toronto
July 20, 2009, RT Image

SNM Awards $175,000 in Research Grants
July 10, 2009, DOTMed

Hospitals in isotope crisis as shipment delayed in Europe
July 8, 2009, The Globe and Mail

SNM disburses molecular imaging research grants
July 7, 2009, Health Imaging

Cardinal Health warns clients of isotope shortage
July 7, 2009, Forbes (Reuters)

Canada nuclear trouble felt in local hospitals
July 5, 2009, Leader-Telegram

How nuclear closures caused a medical crisis
July 3, 2009, MoneyWeek

Medical imaging given priority on comparative effectiveness research list
July 1, 2009, Diagnostic Imaging

SNM Conference Highlights Cutting-Edge Nuclear Technologies
June 24, 2009, DOTmed

SNM 2009 Roundup: News from Toronto
June 22, 2009, AuntMinnie

SNM 2009: Radioactive Patch Effectively Treats Skin Cancer
June 22, 2009, Medscape

SNM 2009: Alpha-Particle-Emitting Radiopeptide Produces Tumor Response
June 22, 2009, Medscape

SNM 2009: PET Can Be Used to Classify Dementia Subtype
June 22, 2009, Medscape

Experts call for action on isotopes while PM moves to calm fears
June 19, 2009, The Globe and Mail

Video clip: CBC National report on isotope crisis
June 17, 2009, CBC program: The National

SNM Past President Alexander J. (Sandy) McEwan Named Special Advisor to Canada's Minister of Health
June 17, 2009, DOTmed

New form of radiotherapy for prostate cancer works in mice
June 17, 2009, Reuters Health (picked up by OncoLink)

New Research and Isotope Update From SNM
June 17, 2009, DOTmed

SNM 2009: FDG-PET/CT May Be Superior to CA-125 in Detecting Ovarian Cancer Recurrence
June 17, 2009, Medscape

New Skin Cancer Patch: Possible Alternative to Surgery
June 17, 2009, DOTmed

Canada's isotope failure felt worldwide
June 16, United Press International

Society of Nuclear Medicine issues Medical Isotope Communiqué
June 16, 2009, Reuters Health (picked up by AuntMinnie)

University says it can produce medical isotopes
June 16, 2009, CTV (Canadian Television)

Isotope shortage leaves doctors 'scrambling'
June 16, 2009, National Post

Clip of television interview with Dr. Robert Atcher and Dr. Jeffrey Norenberg about the isotope crisis
June 16, 2009, Business News Network (CTV)

More Invasive Medical Procedures Consequence Of Isotope Shortage
June 16, 2009, All Headline News

Video clip: Isotope shortage: Canada AM: Dr. Robert Atcher, president, Society of Nuclear Medicine
June 16, 2009, CTV

Experts call for action on isotopes while PM moves to calm fears
June 16, 2009, The Globe and Mail

Opportunity Amidst National Isotope Crisis
June 16, 2009, Diagnostic and Invasive Cardiology

Nuclear Medicine Meltdown Threatens Heart and Cancer Patients
June 15, 2009, ABC News

Isotope shortage means more invasive procedures: Experts
June 15, 2009,

Isotopes shortage a big crisis, say nuclear docs
June 15, 2009, CTV

Video clip: Avis Favaro with the details on the crisis meeting
June 15, 2009, CTV

Video clip: Isotope shortage: CTV National News: Avis Favaro on the meeting
June 15, 2009

SNM 2009: Two-Year FDG-PET/CT Follow-Up Useful in Patients With Hodgkin's Lymphoma in Complete Remission
June 15, 2009, Medscape

Society of Nuclear Medicine Issues Medical Isotope Communiqué
June 15, 2009, Reuters (picked up by Medscape)

Nuclear medicine group urges new isotope sources: Annual meeting in Toronto during worst crisis to hit the profession
June 15, 2009, Toronto Star

Nuclear medicine doctors want countries to make isotope shortage a priority
June 15, 2009, Yahoo! News

U.S. hospitals rationing nuclear imaging tests
June 12, 2009, Reuters (picked up by Forbes)

Closure of Canadian Nuclear Reactor Hampers Medical Sector
June 5, 2009, Wall Street Journal

Multimodality imaging tracks cardiac stem cell therapies
May 5, 2009, Diagnostic Imaging

US centralised IND for PET marker to head May meeting agenda
April 20, 2009, The Regulatory Affairs Journal (U.K.)

Gated SPECT predicts event-free survival in ischemic heart disease patients
April 17, 2009, Imaging Economics (Reuters Health)

SNM spearheads molecular imaging virtual march
April 16, 2009, Health Imaging & IT

Broader Medicare PET coverage promises to cut costs, streamline patient management
April 6, 2009, Diagnostic Imaging

PET scores big win with CMS coverage for 11 cancers
April 4, 2009, Molecular Imaging Insight

CMS expand PET Medicare coverage for cancer patients
April 3, 2009, AuntMinnie

U. of Missouri hopes to produce key medical isotope
April 2, 2009, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

JNM: Gated SPECT best predictor of heart disease prognosis
April 1, 2009, Health Imaging & IT

SPECT/CT Improves Thyroid Cancer Staging
April 2009, RSNA News

Congress intervenes to force continued nuclear medicine funding at DOE
March 27, 2009, Diagnostic Imaging

Countdown to a Meltdown?
March 2009, Imaging Economics

SNM, CMOD plan May PET meeting
March 27, 2009, AuntMinnie

FDG-PET/CT helps predict osteosarcoma survival
March 12, 2009, AuntMinnie

Scans may be able to tell in days if chemo works
March 4, 2009, MSNBC (Associated Press)

SNM launches clinical trials network
February 23, 2009, Health Imaging

From CQ Homeland Security: Legislative Proposal Targets Medical Use of Highly Enriched Uranium
February 19, 2009, Congressional Quarterly

Canada needs to find a safer, reliable supply of isotopes
January 28, 2009, The Calgary Herald

SNM supports NAS long-term objective for medical isotopes
January 16, 2009, Health Imaging

Proponents call CMS proposed PET coverage decision 'bittersweet'
January 7, 2009, Diagnostic Imaging

December 2008 Monthly Highlights

PET Scan Proves Effective for Cancer Detection, Management
December 5, 2008, Voice of America

Impact of PET Scanning Consistent Across All Cancer Types
December 2, 2008, Medscape

Fibromyalgia a "Real Disease," Study Shows
November 3, 2008, WebMD

Study: Fibromyalgia sufferer's pain is mainly in the brain
November 3, 2008, Los Angeles Times

Scans Reveal Brain Abnormalities in Fibromyalgia Patients
November 3, 2008, Washington Post (HealthDay)

Associations call for CMS to adopt omnibus cancer coverage PET framework
October 21, 2008, Health Imaging

Radioisotope shortage could force delays in medical tests
September 10, 2008, USA Today

Diagnostic tool improves information for physicians
September 3, 2008, Las Cruces Sun-News

PET changes care of colorectal cancer patients, study shows
September 2, 2008, AuntMinnie

Radiating Health
September 2008, Imaging Economics

Isotope shortage could delay cancer treatments
August 29, 2008, Nature News

World faces medical isotope shortage
August 28, 2008, CanWest News Service

Isotope 'perfect storm'
August 27, 2008, Ottawa Sun

Proponents praise radiopharmaceutical reimbursement overhaul, with caveats
July 30, 2008, Diagnostic Imaging

SNM draft report shows U.S.Mo-99 production years away
July 22, 2008, AuntMinnie

Isotope supply crash drives push for new moly sources
June 2008, Diagnostic Imaging

PET imaging reveals coronary vascular dysfunction in asymptomatic diabetics
June 24, 2008, AuntMinnie/Reuters Health

Report from SNM: Images of the Year cover molecular imaging from head to toe
June 17, 2008, Diagnostic Imaging

Nuclear medicine must overcome obstacles to flourish in the future
June 15, 2008, AuntMinnie

Picture of an Anxious Brain
June 11, 2008, WebMD

Budget Cuts Threaten High-Tech Cancer Therapies
April 23, 2008, RevolutionHealth

Brain Scan Technique Spots Alzheimer's
March 26, 2008, WebMD

SNM: Most Influential in Radiology
September 3, 2007, RT Image


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